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This section has a set of links to articles covering issues in depth that you may find of value. If you would like further information about any of the points raised in these articles, please email us.

6 Reasons You Need Expert Small Business IT Support for Your New Office Setup

Whether you are a new start-up in London, or elsewhere in the country, one of your key tasks will be organising the setup of your IT infrastructure and ongoing IT support.
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IT Support Services London – Outsourcing FAQ

Them Digital provides IT Support Services in London EC1 and the surrounding area. We provide a full range of IT support services giving small and medium businesses access to expert IT support while saving on dedicated support costs. But many businesses fail to get the best out of outsourcing key IT support services because of doubts about how the service will actually work and whether it is better to organise IT support services in-house instead. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked question about outsourcing IT support services London.
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Testing Backups – Is Your Current Backup Regime Watertight?

Protecting your business from the consequences of data loss is probably one of the most important IT support services London businesses need. Losing files or data can mean lost productivity or even a lost client Ė so it pays to have a watertight backup system in place. But just running backups may not be enough. Them Digital provides a range of IT support services to London's small and medium businesses, including configuration and testing of data backup regimes.
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Whether you are on a hardware or software contract, we guarantee an engineer on site within 4-8 hours of a call being placed and endevour to offer same day solutions.

Can we do this over the phone..?

Clear, concise telephone support is available throughout the duration of your contract.

Is it broken? Can you fix it?

Complete overhaul of contracted equipment is available from comprehensive hardware checks to resolution of software conflicts.

Sorry to call again...

Preventative maintenance on-site visits can be arranged.

We really appreciate
all your help...

Friendly advice is on-hand to tackle the smallest and most head scratching of problems.

"Efficient, friendly

and most importantly,

quick turnaround times.

Highly recommended."

Paul Mann, IT Support Services Manager

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