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Them Digital provide business IT support solutions to clients in central and greater London. We provide a range of hosted services including hosted Exchange email, hosted Sharepoint services, online backups, hosted CRM software, VoIP telephone systems, hosted telephone systems and offsite hosted email spam filtering / antivirus protection. With over 60 years combined IT experience and our relationships with proven partners, we can help you make the most of these evolving technologies. All services can be tailor made to suit your business requirements.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a broad umbrella term which encompasses services and computer resources that are provided over the Internet. Pooled resources such as software and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand. Cloud computing enables companies to quickly increase capacity and add capabilities on the fly without large investment costs.

We provide a range of cloud computing services including hosted Exchange email, hosted Sharepoint services (file sharing), online backups, hosted telephone systems and VoIP phone systems.

Hosted Exchange Email

Hosted Exchange email allows you and your employees to work anywhere, any time 24/7, improving email reliability, employee productivity and reducing costs. It also relieves you of all the hassle of running business email services on your own premises. Instead your hosted Exchange emails are hosted remotely, in a secure data centre where you can log in to access emails, contacts, calendar and task lists via your computer or mobile device.

Hosted Sharepoint Services (File Sharing)

Sharepoint services enable you to create a hosted document management system which is always accessible wherever you are. Easily integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook and fully backed up at all times, it offers a secure, reliable and cost effective file sharing system. Documents can be shared internally, or externally to clients and contacts via a secure web interface. Files can be reviewed, checked out, modified and restored.

Online Backups

Online backups take away the worry of disaster recovery, ensuring your valuable business data is securely backed up should the worst ever happen. Online backup will work automatically throughout the day, copying files at times selected by you. Files are encrypted to government standards before being transferred over the Internet to secure data centres. And when you need them, files can be restored easily by downloading them back to your computer.

Hosted Telephone Systems

Hosted telephone systems allow businesses to take advantage of all of the features of a business phone system. A hosted system provides useful call handling functions such as personal voicemail, third party conference calling, auto-attendant, call forwarding and call divert. By choosing a hosted system, you simply rent the handsets on a monthly basis, enjoying the benefits previously only available to large corporations.

VOIP (Voice Over IP) Phone Systems

With VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol telephone calls travel over the Internet as data. This service can significantly reduce a business' phone bill as well as providing greater telephone flexibility. For example, a VoIP system can be used anywhere with an Internet connection, calls can be made through your laptop, it enables the use of virtual numbers, delivers voicemail and faxes to your email and allows phone numbers to be configured to ring on several devices before going through to voicemail.

Hosted Email Antispam / Antivirus Filtering Service

Email spam and viruses are an issue for any company that uses email. Offsite filtering ensures that email scanning software is not installed on your email server potentially slowing it down. Complex server management to avoid ‘false positives’ and ensuring software updates are being carried out can be a thing of the past

The email filtering service will scan every inbound and outbound email for spam and viruses from both known and unknown sources meaning users don't waste time sifting through junk emails. Dangerous emails are removed before they reach your network, stopping potential bandwidth overhead and spam blacklisting of your email domain.

Also due to its sophisticated multi-filtering technology, users can be sure that all business emails will be delivered to their inbox instead of getting lost in a junk folder.  Viruses and web based threats propagating through email will be protected against. 

With continuous email protection in place, you have peace of mind that your PC network is safe and no system updates are required.

IT Support Solutions – contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Them Digital are Based in Islington, EC1 and work with businesses in Central and Greater London.

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